Friday, December 31, 2010

Speaking of the King

I had the privilege of seeing the "King's Speech" this afternoon. The movie is directed by Tom Hooper and stars Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. It was incredible. It was a simple idea and story delivered perfectly. The direction was superb, and the visuals were stunning. I found myself in tears in moments from the sheer power and sincerity of the movie. The performances were incredible. Please, if you love Cinema see this movie.

But why i wanted to bring it up in this forum is that the power of voice, whether singing or speaking has defined many aspects of human history. There was a line in the movie that shows this- 'The Prime Minister and Cabinet govern and make the decisions, however, the King is the voice of the people, when he speaks, he speaks as the people for the people'. It is in his words that people can find hope and strength. It has been the same for the last century. Hitler captivated his audience with the power in his voice and conviction, those alive probably know where they were when Martin Luther King delivered his 'i have a dream speech', when Neil Armstrong said 'One small step for man'. These pieces of audio stay with us and remind us and connect us with so much. Music is the same. Music like a King's speech in how it connects with the people. But unlike a King's speech the great thing about music is it's made by the people and spread to the people through each other.

Bob Dylan and the Beatles music helped define the 60s. Even the when the crazy gay men in the club i play in go CRAZY for Lady Gaga, she is lifting their spirits and taking them to a place of happiness. And hopefully when i play i am doing the same. All musicians have an obligation to their craft to be great and persevere and to speak clearly with a message. It doesn't matter what that message is- it can be fuck you or fuck that, but be clear of who you're fucking or what you're fucking.

Sounds shape us, voices speak to us. I still remember OutKast's 'Hey Ya' from when i finished High School and it always takes me in my mind back to that happy place of completing something huge and accomplishment and peace. There are many other songs, speeches, and sounds that connect me to the world and people around me.

Another thing that the King's Speech reminded me is that you have to have confidence in yourself to deliver what you want to say and what you've got to say, and that if you can't do it alone, seek out the help of those wonderful spirits that can help give you your voice. I was never one for training or advice, i thought i knew it all- but i know shit all, and there are many people out there who you can learn from. Lionel doesn't tell the KING WHAT TO SAY (someone else kind of does i guess.. but you get my drift, the King is theoretically saying his own speech) but tries to give the King HIS OWN voice to say his words.

Don't take advice from people who tell you what to do or how to do something, but always be open to advice to those who try to bring out the YOU in YOU!

That's what i learned today.

Go see the movie!!

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