Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Idea Bank

Every artist has their book don't they? I am not sure in what forms their books come. They probably come in all sorts of different types and shapes and sizes and binds. I think some these days keep it purely electronic. I can never write romantically or ideally on a computer. Blogs and anecdotes for sure, but pieces from the heart like songs or poetry need a hand written authenticity for me to deliver the right message. Plus i think my hand writing is so bad that it is not a bad way of keeping my ideas mine as well- no one else can read them.

My mum gave me a book while i was in Hong Kong when i first departed Australia on this long journey. The first entry was a list of all these great bands and albums on the Air New Zealand in flight library- it was hugely comprehensive. I look back at the list now and some of those bands that were really indie at the time have risen to be huge. But the book has served me through many acting workshops, dialect training workshops, gym workouts, records of note and anything personal to me. The back of the book is where all my song ideas are.

This is my book, just so you know where the songs are written down in their roughest, un-neatest, rough, honest form.

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