Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Laying Down Good Vibrations

Well, i just joined Twitter. My social networking guru (who shall remain nameless for his privacy, people would swamp him with requests for representation!) tells me that tweeting is the new fad. I have noticed that some of my old friends are on it, and now i can follow them too!! LOVING IT already. Just have to set the Do Not Disturb hours for the night (or early morning and mid morning as my sleeping patterns dictate) otherwise i will be getting bombarded with people's tweet's in two different timezones! Hopefully this can be a new brief way of updating people simple ideas... and when i update the more emphatic, long winded blogs i put out there, i can tweet that they are ready to read. I am going to try and make the blog more enjoyable... less texty and more sexy. I will try and post some photos and video and music, and that kind of stuff to make it interesting for everyone to follow. Perhaps when i get to designing the Album artwork people can even suggest the kind of things they like. I am hoping to employ my great friend Laurie Assender back home in Oz to design the cover and inserts for me- she is so great at that kind of stuff, would be very interested to see what she can do.

We are now into week 4. Recording for a month. We do only get in there 3 days a week, the other 4 days are let the stuff sink in. It's a really involving process, i can't of ever imagined how involving it is. I am staring down the barrel at the start of Song #3 thinking god, we have another 7 to do after this. Let alone record final vocals and mixes and write further parts for the first two songs. Building an album and an original artist from scratch is an intense project, but one that will change my life forever i am sure. It's like everything in life where its about taking everything one step at a time and deal with the small pictures first then the big pictures will come later- in fact the small pictures are almost like little pixel squares that eventually make up the large multi mega pixelled final sensational breathtaking image.

I have heard so many break up stories from back home that i have not been there for. I haven't been able to support my friends over coffees and big breakfasts. This is still one of my fav things in life- being positive and when my friends are down trying to give them as many perspectives as possible to look at a situation so they can be happy and start moving on and having fun. I am not a preacher and i didn't write the gospel of go get em', but i am positive and its good giving that positivity to people. In the end, it's only women, or only men- it's not everything- there are still amazing Latte's out there to be had. So this next song i decided is perhaps melody wise the strongest i have ever written.. it really does sore over a big vocal range. I want it to drive and inspire and make you feel the wind in your hair as you drive along the coast down for your surfing trip or across the Harbor Bridge as your heart bleeds and mends.

The chorus goes something like this..

'Hey I'm On Your Side...
Let your Spirit Dance..
Feel the Wind at your back..
There's more to life than just romance'

Because there is more to life than just romance, its a huge part of it for all of us. It's in nearly every song, its on nearly every billboard, it is in every movie- even in Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger (i google-d the spelling!) has a love interest with that woman (the only woman, so i refer to as 'that woman'). I'm not sure if anything actually happened between those two in the plot, but the movie seemed to suggest some kind of romantic/sexual tension. But seriously, romance is fed to us like baby mash and breast milk from the time we can't even get an erection. The media latches onto it, hell i spent the first 3 years of song writing, writing ONLY love songs, with words such as heart and soul and heart and soul and in your eyes etc. etc. etc- and probably will still write these kind of songs forever more. WHY! Because romance is driven into us, we look for it everywhere, and we often tell ourselves we need it when we don't. And it when it leaves us, it leaves us hurting like hell. Then we go 'oh, i'm never going to find another person like that again', 'it's so hard being single', 'how could she cheat on me, i am an ugly worthless piece of shit'- the truth is, you won't find another person like that again, but you might find someone better for you or different in a great way. It's not that hard being single, go to and buy a book on a topic you like and throw yourself into it- you'll save money on booze and learn something about something you like or are interested in and then you'll bring it up in conversation one day with a beautiful person that shares your knowledge that you then connect with, and that simple thing of getting out of the doldrums and not becoming an alcoholic or a druggo to supress your problems, is the very thing that leads you onto the next stage of happiness and fulfillment (and WAY BETTER SEX!). And you know what, the cycle might happen all over again, but at least then you can go buy a book on a new topic! This song really is about that. Buying a book, then buying another one on a new topic. There seriously is more to life than just romance.

Hope everyone is having a great time. It's now snowing in Toronto, i will take some pics and post them to show all your Aussies back home how lucky you are right now.


  1. Wow, that's really insightful.
    That process to put together an album sounds really amazing, it's sounds like you've already learned so much and i'm sure there's plenty more to come.
    I never really thought about it as 'building an album and artist', i'd think there are also other important measures of an artist apart from an album, such as live performance (most important in my books) and their general persona (which you will struggle with.. jk! :)

    I like the way you're approaching that material about breakups. Very mature stuff from you. It's still blowing my mind. What have they done to you over there?

  2. check out these lyrics!

    i'm always by your side,
    let your spirit fly
    dancing in the wind,
    there's more to romance than life

  3. Actually that last line should be
    After romance, there's life

    a songwriting credit will be enough :)