Friday, December 31, 2010

Recording update!

There hasn't been a blog for a while with Xmas festivities.

What a great Canadian Christmas i had. They really know how to do xmas over here- so joyous and giving. Joyous- that is a word that you don't hear too much these days, but should be felt and used way more!

We've been back in the studio this week, and now have roughly five songs mapped out in their most basic form. Still a long way to go and many finishing touches and vocals and orchestrations to put on, but now we have 5 of the 10 songs down it is now seeming not an impossible task to finish! Just recorded 'Mine'. Absolutely adore this song and would play it over and over and over again if i could. Just love it. Guess Who's right again became a little more structured and now feels like a really catchy pop song. Looking forward to what a 'gang vocal' will sound like in the choruses.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I am off to a gig tonight starting at 11pm. News Years Eve!

Happy New Years Everyone!

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