Thursday, January 6, 2011

Being your own Boss

I AM THE WORLD'S BEST BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was walking down the street yesterday realizing that i have achieved most people's dream: being your own boss. Being your own boss kicks ass. Seriously. I worked in this law firm for a summer (they will remain nameless, as it wasn't the worst time of my life) and i learned what working for corporate ladder is like. I went a played golf with a CEO of one of the firm's biggest clients (a friend of the family). One of the Senior Associates (fucking loser from the highest order- slammed the door in one of my friend's faces and broke her nose- this shit actually happens) got fucking pissed off that i took a half day to go play golf with a senior client that she worked for (but of course was too much of a tool bag to get invited or to participate in anything worthwhile like this). Man did i get a fucking belting in front of my entire floor. How dare you this, and how dare you that- FUCK YOU! She was one of those examples of a lady just wanting to get to the top so bad to cover up all of her childhood, teenagehood and adulthood insecurities. Don't deal with them ever, just take them out on other people through your anger. Fucking pathetic.

I now don't have to deal with people like that on a daily basis. Everyone has to deal with people like this no matter what you do (even if you are begging out the front of McDonalds). It is true working for a corporation like Disney there is alot of htis type of behavior, but generally if i did my job i was left alone. But now in a big city where no one really gives a fuck about you, i really have complete freedom. I was playing my Xbox today, thinking there is 'some' money in the bank at the moment, nothing is to stop me from sitting on my ass and playing my Xbox all day for the next month really- if i really wanted to do that. It's nice to feel you can have that kind of freedom of mind, to chose to do what you want to do at any given time. There are still girlfriends and commitments to obviously honor and care for, but generally my life is my car and i can drive it anywhere i want. And today, although contemplating an onslaught on World Cup 2010 Soccer on Xbox, that car drove me straight back to my piano to write some lyrics to a song i had been 'penning' (i love that!) over the xmas period. And it really is about this very issue. Being free. And this is how i have been feeling over the Christmas period.

Be your own boss. As much as you can- even if you are stuck behind a desk working for the man, find ways to be your own boss. There are lots of pitfalls, no one to keep you on track except yourself, so you got to know or keep heading in some direction otherwise you might just stop altogether, but if you get that sorted, life is so much more fun. There is so much more life in the lattes i drink than hearing that screachy redheaded lawyer bitch across the room imposing herself on me everyday. 


Snow is falling down it's christmas
Children playing hockey in the streets
Signs of hope and joy in the windows
Call to me..
Fill me with peace.. And i See..
Just where i am..
Where i'm mean to be..

I'm free as a bird
I'm walking undisturbed
Through this city undeterred by the signs..
That the life i'm living doesn't feel like mine

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