Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Process Begins

Welcome friends, music lovers, and those just wondering what i'm up to having been away from Australia for so long.

As the description above says, this is a blog/journal of the making of my first studio album that has been a long time coming. There have been so many adventures that i have experienced over the last 2 years living overseas that i regret not documenting. I have learned that any artist should write as much as possible, it doesn't matter what form it takes, or how public that writing becomes, but writing (or i guess any type of active documentation) is part of expressing what is going on in your world, your observations about what is going on in you and around you, and increasing that ever so important (but often lacking in society) quality of self awareness. You can only grow as an artist (and person) if you are self aware. But there is a huge difference between being self aware, and serving yourself- hopefully this blog and this album will not be to serve me and my ego, but to be truthful and create something greater, and more profound and lasting than aimless self promotion and ego chasing (which i undoubtedly have been guilty of at times, and still am, probably more than i'd like to be).

My journey over the last two years has taken me from the end of my Law Degree in Ottawa, Canada (on exchange), to Vancouver where i thought i was going to get into film and television again, however that was put on hold when i got a great contract working for Disney Cruise Line out of Orlando Florida. I've never worked harder as a musician. Those long Friday nights since i was 19 years old driving in peak hour traffic to Wenty Leagues Club and Castle Hill RSL in Sydney, Australia, seemed alot easier than playing 4 hours a night 6 nights a week (and then seven nights a week and more in Europe) for month and months on end. A great training ground, but as a singer not sustainable for the rest of my life. Lounges, pubs and clubs are great, they in many ways have made me the performer that i am today and have led me to so many great friendships and connections all over the world. I feel so privileged at my age to have played some of the places and for some of the people that i have. But this album is about taking a new creative step- not just playing and interpreting other people's music, but creating something from me entirely (with the help of a good producer). I can say at the outset i am not super confident, when you spend so long learning other people's songs and stories (albeit interpreted in my own way) its scary thinking of seeing how your stuff can measure up- your ideas, your melodies and i guess your artistic soul which is at the essence of it all. But a sayings i haven't heard over in Canada, but used to love in Australia is 'we're not here to fuck spiders', and 'have a concrete milkshake and harden the fuck up'. I am not here to fuck spiders and i have taken that concrete milkshake and am ready to just dive into it. That's the only way you move forward. I dived into the overseas adventure, dived into American Dialect training, voice lessons, dived into Disney not knowing what to expect, fell into a long term relationship for the first time at the time i perhaps shouldn't have, dived into the Larry Moss workshop in NYC- there is alot of diving going on, but although there is probably a better metaphor than diving in, that's what you got to do to keep growing as an artist and a person. I am fully expecting that no record company will like my sound, or my voice, or my ideas, or my writing- but you never know what could happen if they do or more importantly the people at large do. At worst, my kids one day can go, 'my daddy tried to be a rock star once' and i am sure they will have a good laugh at my Tim Bowrey inspired Skinny Jeans and Designer stubble.

Welcome to the next few months of my life. Welcome to my artistic process, i will try and be as honest as possible. I really hope friends i haven't seen for a while will enjoy reading this blog and coming on this journey with me from start to finish.

So much love to everyone and send me creative genius vibes


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