Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Ideas

With the direction we are taking with the album for a more commercial less lounge sound i am liking the idea of real profound anthem type songs- the songs that you want to listen to when you are down, or you would see on the montage of gray's anatomy. I know they are the sequences that get me, and probably get you to, putting beautiful powerful music to powerful images- that's kind of how i have always written. Come up with a few ideas over the last day and some nice simple honest progressions. I have found a nice riff to support the idea of making big decisions in your life such as creating the album.. the words are something like this scribbled down on my pad..

'Please, give me a sign, show me the light to guide my path.. I feel out of mind, cause i'm out of my skin, trying to begin. Only time knows where i'm going to lie. And so it goes, i'm writing my own life'

I like this theme of trying to find answers. I wrote some lyrics while still at school when dealing with religion and its effects and its truths and its practices. Mmmm. I wanted answers, i wanted to know why this was so, why my school would openly tell thirty 14 yearold kids that homosexuality is evil and that you will burn in hell if your practice it. I know now for a fact that two kids in that class are now openly gay, and i can only imagine what was going through their minds at that time. I liked the idea of a song that challenged religion, or this god or jesus we grew up being saturated with to come up with answers and prove himself in an honest, tangible form. I wrote these lyrics back then, and i think they still have soul to them now..

'Bread of Heaven, sing hallelujah's, now turn my water into wine.. there are answers to all your questions lying waiting to be found. Somewhere, Sometime, Some feeling waiting to unwind. What you don't know won't hurt you. What you don't know might set you free. What you don't know might save your soul for redemption at the end of the road. What you can't see can't tempt you, where you don't go might ease your mind, what you can't feel aint ridicule, its just a lesson, apparent in time'

I think these are just ideas and outlooks that lots of young people like me go through- and as you get older, Dave and i were discussing the other day, you become far more aware of your mortality. I have flown in planes for years now, hundreds of hours especially in the last few, and all of a sudden i have developed a fear of flying- i had to ask the air canada stewardess last trip to Disney to sit next to me talk me through what she described as only light turbulence. But i think that a huge part of growing up is learning about your mortality and coming to grips with it. Tony (an old friend!) used to always ease my mind by saying 'Alex, you aint going before i go, so don't even start worrying about till i do'.. that helps you for a while, but the more you learn the more you learn to question.. especially now Qantas engines are blowin' up??

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