Sunday, November 21, 2010

Into Week 2, and Into my mid 20s

What a week! Huge week in my life really. I used to hate birthdays, thinking they were overrated, walking along with the mantra 'live everyday as if it's your birthday'. But i have been schooled once again by the world into the simple truth that Birthdays when you have great friends are great. People from all over the world were great to me. I am very lucky to have met so many people from so many different places, industries and cultures. It's nice to know that it doesn't matter about differences, and that it is possible to get along and be great friends with people from all over the place. There is a universality to being open and friendly that creates alot of love.

We have got alot down for a song i wrote last week that we are calling 'in my hands'- about controlling and accepting destiny and having the freedom to do so. Will put down a guide vocal this week so i can let the song sink in. Recording was tiring but a really involving experience. I learned alot about myself in just a couple of days. I heard some great news out of Vancouver yesterday. I spoke with my great friend Colin Bullock ( check him out) who is a great singer songwriter from Byron Bay Australia who has just finished his latest album which will arrive in his hands in proper CD cases next week. Can't wait to hear his progress and his new songs. He let me know that another musician friend Andrew Allen (out of Vernon BC) has just signed with Epic Records. This guy has worked so hard and toured and toured and toured and poured everything he has ever earned into being better and better and getting more attention. I am so glad that he is not only in the Canadian Charts (top 20) but that Epic are throwing a heap of cash behind him to get his career going in the states. He is recording an album for them now and then goes on tour with JOSHUA RADIN across the states. So very very very cool- can't wait to see how big he becomes.

Went out to a Drag Bar called Zippers in Toronto and auditioned for a piano bar gig (same cover type gig i have been doing for years) and got the job. So i have a regular Friday and Sunday gig now. Hopefully can throw some of my new writing in and start building a fan base in Toronto. For those of you who know me they know i am an actor as well, and got some big news signing with a big new Agent in Toronto that will hopefully open some huge doors for me in the North American industry. All my hard work on American Dialect over the last year paid off (although i still need ALOT more work always) and the meeting went great. So it was a great week. Isn't funny that when you let yourself go and take chances, like recording an album, investing money, writing an email to 1000 immigration employees to find that girl at the xmas party (i have been reading the Sydney Morning Herald), that energy seems to follow you and drive you further and further. I definitely have opened my arms to Toronto (even though they are starting to get frostbite on them) and it is starting to breathe me in. That is not a bad lyric eh "Breathe me In"- its mine, i said it!!!! Unless you write it better than me...

Felt inspired and wrote almost a complete song (minus a short bridge, but have some ideas for it) last night. Love it, just not sure what theme i want the lyrics on. I could go two ways.. romance or anti-romance, i want to write a song for the broken hearted to pick them up, not to dwell too much on romance and that there are lots of other things out there. I have had a few friends with broken hearts in the last few years.. so i might write it for them.

Much Love


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