Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guide Tracks, Great Advances and Red Tape

What a week. Learn to channel excitement, because if you get too excited life has a funny way of throwing it back in your face.

In any career in the arts you have weeks like mine. You finalize a guide for your first produced original song ever and you are proud of it. You feel you like you are made for this. You have had self belief for two years living away from home and get a great agent and start looking to a big hardworking creative future. You are in negotiations for a crazy 'big brother' type Xmas gig living in a makeshift house outside the biggest sport arena in Toronto, you are about to change agents and then your last agent all of a sudden has 3 auditions for you in one week, and you call to tell him, sorry i need to move on because its best for my career. All good. THEN, you find out that there is certain amount of ridiculous red tape that may prevent you from chasing your dreams which you think with a week like this, they are starting to be realized. WAKE UP CALL. Nothing is certain in life, and luck and love and even life itself can be taken away from you as quickly as you are given it. Unbelievable. Let's hope there is some common sense in this world that will prevail.

The first guide track i am not completely satisfied with- the me part. The production is top notch and i have to say, Dave (my producer) really is a genius when it comes to compiling and channeling great ideas into a great usable product. What he has done with my first song is nothing short of amazing and its only a guide. My vocals still need some establishing. In that i mean, i can sing, but i feel i am still 'putting on' certain phrasing, long habits from playing in lounges, and crooning to guests around the piano. There is nothing wrong with this in its own environment, and its a skill in itself, but when you hear it on a powerful recording, its just not honest and doesn't give that message and melody the punch and feeling it needs. This is the process for me in becoming an original artist, not a cover artist. But i am learning to let go in the studio alot more, and just give over to the process. Simplify and build. Simplify and build. Simplify and build, build, build, build. I think i am making huge progress artistically, and i am sure the results are going to show long term, not only in my song writing and vocals, but in the finished spirit of the album. Bring it on. Its a consuming and emotional experience, but fucking fabulous.

Hope everyone in America has a great Thanksgiving. Although i don't celebrate it, i have alot to be thankful for, even if Red Tape is hurting my positive spirit today. Tomorrow's a new day, and who knows, maybe some good news.

The next song we are recording is a song i wrote called 'Educated Woman'- its about those woman among us who appear sweet and kind, 'the girl next door', the real heartbreakers- blonde tight bodied girls with big tits and tight butts and slutty clothes make men excited, but they don't break the heart like a brunette with blue eyes and soft skin and sweet voice, and artistic charm- they take your heart and run away with it, and they sit with you at coffee and go 'boys don't like me, what do you mean i'm beautiful'... BULLSHIT. You know it and you make it work for you every subtle way you know how. Daddy's girls break little boys hearts.

Lots of Love


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