Monday, January 10, 2011

Inevitability.. that ticking time bomb.. Blow on Strong

Inevitability is a bitch. Time is a bitch. What does one do with the bitch.

I am faced tonight with so many questions, with very few definite answers, endless possibilities, and paths that could lead one way into the wilderness, and another way into yet another wilderness. The national guard has been so carefully constructed that the future looks bleak for our foreign friends. So what do you? What do you do when you are in love with a beautiful girl, but want to do things for the right reasons and not the wrong ones, or the semi-right or semi-wrong ones. But what if doing things purely for the right reasons isn't necessarily an option as its not in your make-up in this point in your life. Nothing is ever 100% black or white, this way or that. But it's hard to know you could be throwing away something so great because your path may need to go in another direction so you can keep moving forward. Really that is inevitability. If you sit on your ass, its inevitable you are going to get fat and get ass sores. I would rather try and outrun inevitability every time than get the ass sores, although i know the inevitable consequences of outrunning inevitabilities eventually come about.

So if you live like i've been living, and you feel you are on the right path, you have had the wind at your back so to speak. It's been there, you've always felt it. But what happens one day when you wake up and you have searched the channel far and wide and as deep as you can go, and the wind at your back suddenly changes. It starts coming from the side.. then all of a sudden its coming from the front, head on, pushing you backward.  Then it might stop all together and you don't know where it's coming from next, and that's the scariest, because you can't fight something that's not there. Where are you being pushed? Who fucking knows.. you are on your own. You just want to reach out and pray to whatever thing or god or higher power or mentor and tell them to get that wind blowin on strong so you can go along again on your way.

That's how i feel tonight. The wind has stopped blowing. And this is the song for it


Standing at the Crossroads
In these uncertain times
Had the wind at my back blowin' strong
My head in the sky

Bad Luck catches up with you
If the good runs on too long
You have to choose, either way you loose
Where has my wind gone?

Blow on Strong
Blow on Strong
Blow on Strong
I'll go Along
Take me on your breeze

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